Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ah tests.. This first week of school has been full of them, and that is why I missed a few days. Well, that and I went to my friends birthday yesterday.. haha
I did not post on Thursday because I was insanely busy studying for a test that ended up being extremely easy and for 2 quizzes that I missed due to a doctors appointment.
"But Magpie, why did you have to go to the Doctor?"
Well inquisitive person that reads my blogs, I went to the doctor to get some tests done.
"Yay! More tests!"
I have been having some minor annoying problems recently and I went to get the checked out yesterday. They ended up doing an EKG/ECG and then after that they drew blood.. ick. I hate needles and I hate blood, so you can imagine how that went.
My doctor said that the EKG/ECG went fine, but I won't know about the blood tests until Monday. Don't worry, it's not for anything too dreadful.
Do you know what else happens on Monday???
I get my new iPhone 4! AH! I'm soo excited! I've never had an iphone before. (:
Well until tomorrow this has been another post by the Magpie. I love you!! <3

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DOOTS and Roller Coasters

Day Three:

Today was soo much better than the first two days of my sophomore year. I feel organized, prepared and very much like an upperclassmen. Not much really that I can say except for that a bowl of doots would be amazing right now. (If you don't know what a doot is, Youtube it and look for the user Olan Something. I found it quite humorous.)
Sooo yeah... keeping it short and sweet today. (:
Sorry if it seems like reading my posts is like being on a roller coasters, but hey, if you don't like it then don't read it. That's just how I roll.
Haha get it? Roll? Yeah.. corny..
And on that note, goodnight fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Coming of the Storm

Grr second day of school and already there is practically a war taking place in the school. It's silly really and I don't feel like writing this down, but hey it's my dramatic life and who knows, I could be famous one day and this would be like my diary. It could happen you know. haha
So today I found out that this girl who I thought was my friend is telling everyone that she know that my best friend, who shall forever be known as Songbird, and me are backstabbing liars that you shouldn't be friends with. Yeah.. Super I know.
You may be wondering:
But why would someone do that to their own friend?
I have no idea.. Well there was a stupid little mix-up that happened over the summer, but that wasn't Songbird's or my fault. During the summer I went to this camp for choir and it was hosted at a University so everyone stayed in dorms. Well the girl starting drama now had it in her head that she was rooming with me and got pretty mad when she found out that she wasn't. It's not like it was set in stone.. the people in charge pretty much room you with whoever. So as you can see this whole thing is very stupid.
What really gets me, is that the girl's mom is acting more immature than she is. Every time I have seen her since she has literally turned her nose up and strutted off and whenever I have tried to say hello she gives me a look and walks away. She's in her 30's or 40's and she is acting worse than her 14 year old daughter. It just blows me away.
I do know that I have a good bunch of friends that will stick with me though, and honestly those are the only ones I need. If they really believe that the rooming thing was just Songbird and me being vindictive, and they completely ignore me then they are not that good of a friend.
Wish me luck tomorrow! Ugh! So much drama and I'm not even in theater?!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

Hey... so that was pretty much me this morning. haha I know I didn't post anything... all summer. I have one word- sorry. I did however keep a summer journal, and that kind of sort of counts right? I'm going to say it does.
Anywho, the first day of school was pretty good. The only thing I hate about the first day is the nerves. I get very anxious the night before and the day of and I just feel odd all day. It's like a bunch of butterflies in my tummy. I would never eat a butterfly... or a caterpillar however. Really though, now that I think about it, if I did eat a caterpillar I think it would die before it could turn into a butterfly.. umm.. yeah.
Right, so anyway, I had a great first day. My schedule is just about perfect and my teachers are amazing. This year, in case anyone was wondering, I am taking:
Algebra 2 Honors
Chemistry Honors
Smaller group choir
Latin 2 Honors
English Pre-AP
History Pre AP
I'm am sooo relieved that I get to take Algebra 2 now.. all of the math teachers that I have ever had have said that it is pretty much the hardest math class ever. All of the other teachers I have ever had also say that Junior year, which is when average people take Algebra 2, is the hardest year of school you will ever have. I have heard that Junior year seriously swallows kids alive... and I really don't want to be one of those kids. I need to have amazing grades this year and that year so that while other people's class rank will be going down, my will move up. I need a good rank to get into the colleges I want to go to. haha
I still cant believe that summer is already over and so is the first day of school.. time just keeps going faster and faster..
Or does it?
Maybe the time speeding up is all in my head..
Time is a man made thing and it can't really move any faster.. yeah it must be in my head.
Anywho, before I get to confused I should probably get ready for bed. It's already 9pm and I am exhausted. Bleh.
I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow! I already know what I'm wearing haha!

Ciao!! <3