Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Longest Post I Have ever Written so far.

I know it's been close to a week, if not more, since my last update/post thingy. I've just been busier than I have ever been in my entire life.. well at least it sure feels that way. I'm still really busy. At this very moment I should probably be taking my shower and then I have to write a thesis for English and read a chapter and a half in the book we're reading for English, Alas Babylon. So so so much to do.. Well here's what I have done so far. (I'm just going to start with last Friday.)

I traveled by bus with the Latin Club for a competition in Austin and was excused from an entire day of school. The bus ride was great! Had a Blast!! We stop at a huge gas station place and I ended up buying an entire pint of ice cream... and eating the entire thing on the bus... I'm not sure how I managed that. haha Then we got to the hotel, which was really nice. One of my best hotel stays EVER! (mainly because I roomed with 4 of my really close friends. Then we left for the first part of the competition, took a test, sang a duet with one of my friends, and ate really weird tasting food. The best part about Friday was when we went back to the hotel and stayed up past midnight drinking Dr. Pepper, eating junk food, and watching the Harry Potter Puppet Pals videos on Youtube. (So freakin' funny!)

I woke up really ridiculously early to take another test that was a pain in the butt. After I had finished taking my test 2 of my friends and I sat around doing basically nothing. Then we ended up exploring the campus and taking an "adventure". It was getting close to lunch time and I had realized that the person that had the meal tickets was at the soccer fields playing ultimate Frisbee. 1st we walked around the entire school and finally we met this guy that went to the school we were at and got him to take us to the soccer fields. Well, I was in high heels and a skirt so this entire trip was not the easiest thing in the world, because the whole school is practically uphill. I ended up "leading the guy on" or something like that. I was just trying to be nice but I'm pretty sure he thought it was just a bit more... not my intentions. We end of getting the tickets, I become exhausted and we attempt to eat at this really nice restaurant (which is why I was dressed up) but ended up going to a chili's.

We went to Six Flags!! AND The Magic Time Machine (it's a really cool restaurant)
I ended up getting home at around 11pm and I still had a TON of school work. I fell asleep though...

I was dead. I had stayed up so late doing as much homework as I could before crashing that I maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep and still had more homework to do. Not. Fun. That was the worst Monday of my life.
1. I got locked out of my house without car keys or house keys and had to wait for my aunt to unlock my door so that I could get them, which made me late to class.
2. I was DEAD!
3. There was some drama going on with a prank that happened on the bus Sunday night and something to do with the seating arrangement at Chili's.
4. Because I felt miserable to begin with, I got all upset when I thought of other things that were going on before this past weekend such as:
*Bob Drama
*doubting my singing abilities
*getting my grades up
Yeah so on Monday I had this overall feeling of depression and was sooo upset. I was an emotional wreck and I don't think I would have be considered stable. I almost broke down into tears at multiple points throughout the day. I just felt like my entire world was crumbling down and it wasn't fun. :(

As horrible as Monday was there was one thing that I liked. After school the guys in choir had practice and because I was there at the right time I was invited to stay. So after school I basically watched the guys sing. It was pretty great. Plus Bob is in choir.

Tuesday: (TODAY!!!)
Eh.. I don't really know what to say about today. I probably failed that geography quiz.. that made me sad. I don't know how this happens. My notes are flawless and then I still end up screwing up on the quizzes. It baffles me. Umm... In Math I spent half the class period talking to Bob and that was amazing. I wish I didn't have to wait so long for the whole Lindsey thing to clear to tell him that I like him. It's starting to seriously drive me crazy. Today yet another person commented on how we would make the cutest couple. Again?! We were just talking.. that's all. (really I love those comments)
Finally our choir concert was tonight and we were amazing. At the end of my choir's third song, we went just a bit sharp, but besides that our songs were AMAZING!

I am soooo tired right now... I'm just going to go to bed. Sorry... so... sleepy...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well La Ti Do

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but really there was nothing much to say. I wasn't thinking about anything important and I had nothing to vent about. Here I'll sum up my last free day of Spring Break.

It was really rainy and really windy and I cleaned all day.

Yep that's right, my last day of break and I cleaned.. allll... day. But hey, now my room is immaculate, my bathroom is in pristine condition, and the entire upstairs is cleaner than it's been in ages. I feel pretty good about myself every time I walk upstairs. As for the downstairs... I let my family deal with that next weekend when I'm not here. It's not horrible but I'd rather not clean it..

Today I get to do all of the homework I put off... joy. It's basically just a math project, but who knows how long it will take. That's what I get for procrastinating. :) I actually believe that most of my best work was done after procrastination. I've never failed anything because of it, it's just stressful. I practically live off of stress though. I'm one of those people that is lost without
A. a agenda or planner and
B. something planned every day
I need to have something planned or else I go insane. I hate just sitting around watching T.v. (I barely watch it. The only shows I really watch anymore is the Big Bang Theory and How I met Your Mother.)I'm a very odd child haha.

Anywho, I must now get ready to practice with the other 2 Super Freshmen(The directors call us that because we're the only three Freshman that made it into the Mixed Region Choir this year, and it's rare for a Freshman to make it at all.) for our audition. We're going to sing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Anderson Sisters.. I think it's the Anderson sisters.... I'm too lazy to look it up. Sorry.

"Goodnight! Goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow."

yeah that's right, I have parts of Romeo and Juliet memorized. I know practically all of Juliet's lines for the Balcony scene. Told you I was odd. ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Your Guardian Angel

Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer
And nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one

Well I've decided to put up a new post because
1. I'd like to do one a day (no promises) and
2. A song just came on and it always makes me a bit emotional

what song? Well it's Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It's by no means the only song that makes me kind of sad, but it's definately one of the most effective. (Is it effective or affective? I can never get that right.. I do the same thing with emigrant and imigrant. Ahh oh well) It is such a beautiful song! So pure and sweet. I love the lyrics and overallthe song just speaks to me. What can I say? I'm a very sappy hopeless romantic, a "cockeyed optimist" if you will.

...stupid Bobbie.

But alas babalyon, I'm afraid that I am not going to bore you with more of my pretty much nonexistant love life. Who needs men anyway? (no offense) Sometimes I wish that I was fortunate enough to live in ancient Rome and be a Vestal Virgin. Trust me I could and would do it. Unfortunately this is 2010 and the Vestal Virgins haven't been around for centuries. Darn... Well if worst comes to worst I'll simply marry music and join an opera troup in Europe. (I'm a planner)

on a happier note... I absoulutely LOVE ding dongs. Yum yum yum.
Haha I'm odd, I know.

My hands are starting to cramp now.. (I'm doing this via itouch because I am just that talented. Ha!)
see you in the AM! Well.. Actual it will probably be PM when I post something because I'm not really a morning person. Anywho...

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Enchanted Evening

I know that technically it is the 19th of March, but I'm going to pretend that it is still the 18th. If you have a problem with that, I'm sorry but I don't really care.

Okay so today I saw South Pacific. It was SOOOOO good. I loved it! "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair, and send him on his way!" Poor, little Cable boy. :( The guy who played Lt. Cable in the show that I watched was pretty darn cute. ;) Speaking of cute.. I was very happy that I got a chance to wear my new pretty purple dress. I absolutely adore it. Anywho, if you ever get the chance to see South Pacific, I suggest that you see it. The show was wayy better than the movie in my opinion. Then again, in most cases a live performance is better than a movie.. I hope that I get a chance to see cats... that would be something to see. Wow.. they must use a ton of make up.. haha awesome.

I would say more, but it is rather late and tomorrow I am going to the mall, and then I'm going to finally see Alice and Wonderland in 3D. Finally! I've heard that it was pretty good. Being the nerd that I am, I have read both Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass over the summer, and this movie looks like it would have been the third installment. I can't wait to see it.

One last thing before I hit the sheets, I thought that I would mention that I am seriously considering auditioning for the TUTS Academy (Theatre Under the Stars Academy). I just don't know what that whole process is like, and it's kind of expensive. With 3 younger siblings I never really get the chance to do thing like this.. If it would be worth it though, then I could possibly convince my parents and even my grandparents if necessary. I really love acting and singing, and Broadway and musical theatre is like.. my dream. Well.. Fingers crossed. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Electric Twist

Okay, so I'm obviously new to this blogging thing, and I don't really know what I'm going to write about... I was looking at other blogs, so that I could get some ideas on what to do, and there were people writing about fashion, home decorating, their families, etc. One thing that I noticed was that most of the people that have blogs are adults. Where are all of the teenagers like me? Most people my age are always on facebook and myspace and stuff, so I thought that there would be a ton of teens with a blog. Ha! No..

There's something really cool about blogging. I know this is only my second post, but still, I just think it's the coolest thing. It would be nice to have some people read my stuff, but I don't even really need that. (not saying that I don't want people to read my posts!) This is kind of like writing in a diary, minus the cramping hands. (:

Oh! I think that I'll just write about whatever I feel like! (Computer: Uhhh Duhh!) This will become my online diary/journal thingy.. It would be like getting into the mind of a teenager.. OoOoO.. (Computer: Wow, really?)

Well, I think that I am going to get an ice cream cone out of the freezer. Ahhh sweet, sweet Ice Cream. (:

I have a poll now that I will be changing every week, so you should go look at that. Oh! and there's a music thing at the top of the page. The song at the moment is Electric Twist by A Fine Frenzy. I love that group to death!! Their songs are so easy to relate to and they're just simply beautiful. This one is really fun.. great to jump around to.

Keep Breathing

So not happy right now... which is why I am listening to music. Music saves me from going crazy, I swear. As long as I can find a song to relate to then I'm okay..ish. At the moment I'm listening to Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson hence the title.

Why am I upset? Well of course it's because of a boy. It's always because of boys when you're in highschool. Stupid, Smelly boys..

This boy, let's call him Bob, has been driving me crazy since September and I getting tired of it. At first Bob's just a random guy in my Math class and then somehow he becomes the silly friend in my English and Math class that I can't stop thinking about. I don't know how this happens..

"Why don't you just tell him?" Ha! Well, you see Bob has a girlfriend. That would be great and all except for the fact that she is a horrible girlfriend. Here's why:
1. She lives an hour away
2. Her parents don't like Bob (that doesn't make her a horrible girlfriend, but it still doesn't help their situation)
3. She's a flirt and
4. She's cheated on him at least 4 times now

I know it's only 4 reasons, but it's enough for me. What do you think?

A few days ago I got excited because the had split up, or so I thought. Bob told me that they weren't talking anymore and then he talks to me for an hour or so when he had other things to do. I would try to get him to do what he was supposed to and Bob would just find something else to talk about. Lately he had been talking to me more and more, so I just assumed that he was getting over her and... well yeah.

So much for that thought. Yesterday I was on Myspace and I
1. sent him a message asking him about his trip and
2. asked a question about his status

I know he read my message.. but he never responded and he deleted my post on his status. Of course I look at his wall and he had been talking to his horrible girlfriend non stop. That just really made me mad. I may be over-reacting but still. I thought that things were working out and got my hopes up for that? Grr...

Thank Goodness for friends and music. One of my friends actually made a video for me with pictures and videos of us and all of our inside jokes. Made me feel soo much better.

I guess all we can do is keep breathing...
that and ignore Bob.