Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smelling like Him

Okay so the day it finally starts getting chilly, I forget my coat. It's raining and cold and I'm wear a T-shirt... Yeah I'm a genius.
I was cold all day long and by 7th period I was practically an icicle. Bob walks up to me like he always does, gave me a hug (cause I was really needed one), and asks how I'm doing, which again is the usual procedure. Well, naturally I told him I was freezing and that I didn't think it would be this cold yet. Then he did something that surprised me... He insisted that I take his jacket and when I asked about him being cold (wearing a T-shirt as well) he said "it's okay, I'm naturally warm blooded."
So I wore his jacket all class period.. And I was warm for the first time since this morning.
Well, when class was over I had to give him his jacket back. Then, he said thanks, I went to tutoring in blue and he went to red.
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